Erfahrung mit Total Haarausfall: Trotz Kritik neues Haarwachstum

Total hair loss (alopecia universalis)

Total hair loss or alopecia universalis for 9 years

Total hair loss or also called alopecia universalis: No hair anymore for 9 years. This customer was deprived of any hope for new hair.

Since June 2016, the new care gel “Ayurveda Intensive Scalp Active Gel” is applied.
By using the intensive care gel the hair grows much faster. The body hair is back, eyebrows and
eyelashes as well. From month to month, more strong hair is visible. First fluffy hair is growing,
which grow more and more.

YELASAI total hair loss alopecia universalis

Total hair loss (alopecia universalis)

With  called alopecia universalis – often the entire hair on head and body is lost.

The causes of such a total hair loss are diverse and can range from a shocking event to a poisoning.

Allow a Hair Active Expert to advise you, who can help you get back to a positive attitude towards life. Through the approach of our certified Hair Active Experts hair loss can be stopped. Additionally hair follicles are being supplied with the necessary nutrients and therefore help to achieve vital and full hair.

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